Sunday, February 26, 2012

M Modern Gallery opening that kicked off Modernism Week Feb 2012 in Palm Springs

sold and sold

Just winding down from this year's Palm Springs Modernism Week where there was just too much coolness to absorb. I was the guest of the gracious Joe Tatar (of Modern HQ) and his swingin' gal while taking part in M Modern Gallery's Tiki art exhibition, hosted by Sven Kirsten. Shag and Bosko also had their new art released that evening + just about everyone and their grandma was there… it was so hoppin' that I barely had time to breathe.

At one point, I got my picture taken with Craig Fundyga  (Mr. Vibraphone), of the fabulous "Martini Kings".


…not grouchy!

Take my advice, if you can make it next year, please do. It is a full week of everything Mid-Century Modern.