Saturday, February 22, 2014

Here is the latest! Debuting at this February's 2014 Modernism Week in Palm Springs

A Room Divider screen designed by yours truly. Only one of the great creations brought to life via the Mod Fab Group debuting at Modernism Week. Also debuting, the SHAG "Skorch" tiki torches, as well as the large and small "Phaedra" sculpture by Josh Agle. All are available right now at the Palm Springs Modern Living Expo that runs through Sunday, Feb 23rd. 

 Here is the floor-to-ceiling room divider screen I designed for the Mod Fab Group that was launched for this Februarys Modernism Week in Palm Springs. The show ends this Sunday Feb 23rd so pop on by if you happen to be in town!

 "Skorch" Tiki Torches derived from a SHAG skull that appears in many of Josh Agle's works. Ceramic and spun aluminum. The flame flickers through the eyeballs.

 Great for viewing art as well as multiples of possibilities, Modular Tandem Seating. The table can be moved to any position and different materials can be showcased beneath the glass. They are super sleek, and needless to say, I adore the versatility and overall cool mid-century modern vibe of this piece. 

An exclusive print designed for ModFab by SHAG. The "canvas" is left blank then a hand drawn sketch by Shag fills in the blank area. It accompanies the large limited edition Phaedra sculpture. So in essence you are getting an original piece of art with your sculpture. Phaedra is also another one of Josh Agle's painted creations from his backgrounds to come to life via ModFab. The Mini Phaedra is in the lower right. She is ceramic and rests on a Padduk wood base.

If you are interested in anything you see here you can contact the Mod Fab peeps at: